Tick Tok

Join your extended family in celebrating the life of your eccentric uncle Vladimir Vostok, a wealthy and reclusive hedge fund manager. Uncle Tok, as you affectionately called him, has invited you to participate in the reading of his last will and testament, with a challenging twist! Do you have what it takes to stake your claim to a share of his fortune?

Age Restriction: 10+
  • Anyone under the age of 10 will NOT be allowed
  • Adult supervision is REQUIRED for children 13 & under

**There must be 1 parent/legal guardian per every 5 children**


Max Capacity: 10
•Adults (ages 18+) – $28 each
•Children (ages 10-17) – $20 each
•Private Room: $280

A Broken Mind: Psych 102

The evil psychiatrist, Dr. Elesdy has been captured. Just as he was about to disclose his evil plan to the authorities, an attempt was made on his life. Dr. Elesdy is now stable, but his mind is breaking down!

Venture inside the mind of deranged psychiatrist Dr. Elesdy, as you attempt to stop an attack on a global scale. Can you solve your way out of his mind, and put an end to this nightmare once and for all?

Age Restriction: 14+
  • Anyone under the age of 14 will NOT be allowed


Max Capacity: 12
•Adults (ages 18+) – $28 each
•Children (ages 14-17 only) – $20 each
•Private Room: $336

Last Resort

You and your friends are in town, and are looking for somewhere to stay the night. The only local establishment with rooms available is the secluded Last Resort hotel. When no one is available to check you in, things start to unravel, proving this small hotel may not be as innocent as it seems. Do you have what it takes to survive the next chapter in the Cryptex Killer saga?

Age Restriction: 16+
  • Anyone under the age of 16 will NOT be allowed


Max Capacity: 6
•Adults (ages 18+) – $28 each
•Children (ages 16 &17 only) – $20 each
•Private Room: $168

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37 North Avenue, Suite 107

Norwalk, CT, 06851